Self Defense Classes for Women, Children, and the LGBTQ community


Become more in tune with your surroundings, avoid conflict before it can happen, escape in the event that conflict does happen, and if all else fails, DEFEND with simple precise strikes!

AWARENESS: Develop and refine the “mental maps” that alert us to confrontation.  Learn survival signals that will awaken your senses to potential danger.

EVASION: Make sound decisions to avoid confrontations and situations.

ESCAPE: Learn methods of escape in the event someone does grab hold of you, and more importantly, to be comfortable in any situation.

DEFEND: Learn simple effective strikes using open hand, elbow, knees and improvised weapons to stun your opponent.


Instructor Thom Schuchaskie is an expert in primitive Survival Skills from the Tracker School, a black belt and instructor in Krusada Kali Escrima in single and double sticks, has been studying Aikido, Japanese self defense for over a decade, and is a Purple belt at Renzon Gracie Academy in NYC where he has been training for 13 years.

Instructor Joy Schiavo has been studying Filipino Martial Arts for over 10 years, and is a 1st degree black belt for Kuntaw Kali Kruzada, the FIRST female back belt the system has produced.  When she is not teaching, she is busy raising a wonderful daughter to be a confident, independent, and productive member of society.

REGISTRATION: For dates and more information contact Thom Schuchaskie at (646) 436-5885


"I highly recommend Thom and his self defense program. Focusing on awareness and avoiding danger is a great technique to staying safe. Not to mention he is an accomplished martial artist with sound techniques to defend yourself if you had to!"
Renzo Gracie
"Thom is an expert in his field, a trustworthy professional with exceptional work ethic and an infectious sense of enthusiasm. His knowledge of wilderness survival skills is truly first rate. My group has benefited from his wealth of experience and we consider him to be valuable resource. I highly recommend working with Thom, he has a great personality and is such a pleasure to know."
Maestro Rich Acosta
Chief Instructor Kruzada Kali Escrima Filipino Martial Arts
"I have been teaching and training with Thom for 13 years. Thom has been helping me with the beginner classes for many years. He also assists me when I teach self defense seminars by teaching about awareness. I highly recommend him and his unique approach to teaching self defense."
Professor Jose "Zed" Chierighini
Head Professor at UN Self Defense and one of the Head Professors at Renzo Gracie Academy NYC
"Thom's video-based intro class on self defense awareness was a great way for me to learn. He explained the key points that I found really insightful. While it's clear that Thom's knowledge runs deep, his method of teaching is easy to understand. I highly recommend his class to anyone that wants to equip themselves with awareness techniques to avoid bad situations."
Laura S. Bogardus, PhD., SHRM-SCP
Bogardus Research Consulting, LLC
"I have known Thom Schuchaskie for 20 years. He is an extraordinary martial art survivalist. More importantly, he is loving, kind, and compassionate to all those lives he touches!"
Sensei John P Mirrione
Founder Harmony By Karate, Chairman Harmony Power FDN
"I've known Thom for over 20 years. We trained together in the same dojo and I was privileged to participate in a number of his seminars. I observed his teaching style and the content of his curriculum and can say they are both outstanding. He takes complicated subject matter and presents them in a fun and interactive way. Thom is an accomplished martial artist and instructor."
Bruce May
Sensei and 35 year law enforcement veteran
"Thomas Schuchaskie's unique approach to self defense would be a great benefit to students of all experience levels. In addition to important physical defense mechanisms, Thomas focuses on 360 awareness, mindfulness, and simple skills to help avoid violence - truly a mind-body connection! My co-worker and I were able to walk away from our hour and a half session with tangible tools we both could use in our every day life in crazy New York City. We were so impressed that we are bringing Thomas and his teachings to our entire lululemon 75th and Broadway team in August."
Ashley Shinick
Key Leader / Community Team, lululemon
"I wanted to convey my appreciation regarding your Defense Awareness class this past weekend. Your expertise, professionalism and method of teaching made a superior comprehensive class. I learned so much and know, because of your method, I will retain the information you taught us."
Kathryn Palermo
Self Defense Classes April 2019 in Greenville, S.C.