Join UKA for a fun-filled summer adventure!


  • Fishing
  • Maps and compasses
  • Learning Knots
  • Techniques for crossing rivers
  • Running and Playing
  • Relaxing under a shady tree
  • Primitive shelters
  • Wild edibles
  • Fire by friction
  • Cordage
  • Nature games
  • Water fights
  • More running and playing
  • Nature arts and crafts
  • Walking, walking, walking
  • Learning how to find worms
  • Pond exploration and identification
  • Rowing on Central Park lake
  • Laughing
  • Fox walking and stalking
  • Plant identification
  • Bird watching

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"Research shows that a 55 minute walk in the park sharpens cognitive function - especially attention. It's not just the exercise (a city walk had a much smaller effect). Even looking at pictures of nature for ten minutes gives the brain a boost."

Source: Psychological Science, December 2008

UKA after-school classes are designed with one goal in mind: to introduce children to the wonders of nature.

This innovative program is ideal for children 5 – 16 years old.  Classes take place in New York City parks.  The curriculum includes fun and educational games and initiatives. 

For the younger ones, we will hike, learn knots, set up tents, learn basic camp craft, as well as study ancient and primitive skills.  We will discuss the “Leave No Trace” principles talk about environmental issues within our area and interview park employees.  We will go fishing in Central Park (catch and release only) and discuss the food chain of fish, conservation, and the rules/laws that apply. 

The older kids, 13 and up, will work on primitive living skills such as; fire by friction, learn how to find and prepare wild edibles and medicinals, flint knapping, trapping, basketry, and more.  Please visit our Urban Kid Adventurers 
Facebook page for more up to date programming.

REGISTRATION: For dates and more information contact Thom Schuchaskie at (646) 436-5885 or


"Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean."

John Muir

Today's modern lifestyle of constant texting and hyper-stimulation can be draining on our energy. Our brains have to work extra hard to "keep up" with the pace, which often results in imbalances in our being.

Join us at Urban Kid Adventurers as we lead you on a day of total mind/body restoration and rejuvenation – through the profound healing power of nature.  Unplug from the stressful pace of the city and reconnect with the mystery and beauty of the forest and its creatures.

We’ll explore activities like “Earthing” as well as “Forest Bathing”, a natural cleansing process/relaxation activity common in Japan.  “Earthing” simply means connecting to the Earth’s natural, negative surface charge via direct bare-skin contact with the ground.  Walking barefoot has a surprisingly profound impact on your physiology; connecting with the Earth restores lost electrical signals to the body that help to stabilize our circuitry and enhance our bodies’ self-regulating and self-healing mechanisms.  Simply put: More energy.  Deeper sleep. Less pain and inflammation.  Better Blood flow.

“Forest Bathing” known in Japan as “Shinrin-yoku”, is a short, leisurely, calming walk or “wander” through the natural environment of a forest.  Similar to an aromatherapy experience, Forest Bathing affects all 5 senses via natural wood essential oils called Phytoncides, provided by the trees – you are literally “taking in” the forest atmosphere.  Forest Bathing affords you the time necessary to heal and fortify your mind, body, and soul in a natural setting while under the guidance and mentoring of experienced UKA staff members, who at times will be unseen, but still around, allowing you time to be “alone”.  We are dedicated to giving you a pleasant and profound experience.

This is NOT an extreme outdoor sporting experience! We will mentor you as you slow down, relax your mind, attain calmness, and expand your soul, allowing the forest experience to rejuvenate and restore your energies.  Our instructors will help you find your own safe areas in the forest where you’ll be able to meditate, reflect, and detox from your everyday hectic life.

The day will end with a tea ceremony created through the ancient wilderness skills of fire by friction, water collected from a nearby stream or lake, and herbs gathered from the surrounding area

WARNING: You may not want to leave…

REGISTRATION: For dates and more information contact Thom Schuchaskie at (646) 436-5885 or


One, Two, or Three Day Trips - Come learn the basic primitive skills and wilderness survival that all our ancestors shared. Tap into your right of passage as a human being and creature of the earth.

LEVEL ONE: Intro to Primitive Skills

This two-day, one night class introduces you to the “Sacred Order of Survival”.  You will learn the basics – from building shelter, purifying water, and making fire by friction to finding food in the wilderness.  You will sleep in a tent and cook supplied food over a fire and camp stove.  An equipment list will be provided.

LEVEL TWO: Advanced Primitive Skills*

This two-day, one night, intensive skills class.  Unlike Level One, you will NOT bring a tent to this class.  We will build shelters, make our fires by friction, and purify our water.  Food will still be provided – however we will spend more time foraging, and the cooking will be over a fire.  You are allowed to bring a sleeping bag to use in your shelter.  An equipment list will be provided.

*Course prerequisite: LEVEL ONE

LEVEL THREE: Weekend Survival*

From Friday evening until Sunday evening we will survive using the skills gained from Levels One and Two, with only a small pack.  All you will have with you is a knife, a bottle of water, and the clothes you have on!  There will be NO food brought in with us.  All food, if any, will be foraged from the area or caught in the waters or forest around us.  Your level of confidence and awareness will skyrocket after this class!  You will have a new sense of independence and freedom, and gain new perspective on your everyday choices and lifestyle. 

*Course prerequisite: LEVEL TWO

REGISTRATION: For dates and more information contact Thom Schuchaskie at (646) 436-5885 or